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KVINFO has gathered together a wide array of mentoring experts, including specialists in the field of mentoring research and professionals from the world of corporate business.

Birgit Signora Toft
Managing director of Teamtoft where she coaches managers and others keen to take on new challenges in life and the field of management. She has authored many books on mentoring and has a wealth of experience of establishing corporate mentoring programmes.

Kirsten M. Poulsen
Director, Management Consultant and Mentor. Founder of KMP+, a company which focuses on designing and developing management/competency development initiatives – including mentoring programmes.

Margo Murray
President and CEO of international consultancy agency MMHA The Managers’ Mentors Inc. Author of the book “Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring: How to Facilitate and Effective Mentoring Process”

Belle Rose Ragins
Professor at the University of Wisconsin. Her current field of research focuses on the development of the mentoring relationship and the relation between gender, diversity and mentoring.

David Clutterbuck
Co-founder of The European mentoring and Coaching Council and professor at Sheffield Hallam University. He is director of the international consultancy agency Clutterbuck Associates which specialises in mentoring and coaching.

Maureen Brown
Director of DiversityTrainersPlus which works with the various aspects of diversity. She researches mentoring and diversity and specialises in gender and inter-cultural mentoring.

Kathy E. Kram
Professor at Boston University School of Management. In her research, she works with mentoring, networks, executive development and relational learning within organisations.


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