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New Men in Denmark


New Men in Denmark is a series of portraits of ethnic minority men living in Denmark. The portraits tell the unique and very personal stories of men who have left their own countries behind. The stories focus on the dreams, ambitions and successes. But also on the difficulties in finding your place and identity in a country like Denmark where prejudice and stereotyped views on ethnic minorities may become a barrier.

New Men in Denmark consists of 30 portraits. All About Gender presents six of them here.


Malik HassanMalik Hassan was born in Uganda in 1965. He visited friends in Copenhagen in 1989, fell in love with a woman and decided to stay.

Malik grew up in a very patriarchal society in Africa, but in Denmark he has worked as a social care assistant for years and is now a fully qualified nurse.

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The Invisible Success - ethnic minority women in Denmark
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Amir RashidAmir Rashid was born in Pakistan in 1972 and came to Copenhagen with his family as a child. He grew up in a tough neighbourhood and got into trouble.

Today Amir works as a police officer and was one of the first qualified members of the Danish police force with an ethnic-minority background.

Read Amir's story


Majdid SairafienpourMajdid Sairafienpour is Iranian and came to Denmark in 1987 as a political refugee. He has a PhD in pharmaceutical science and is the religious spokesman for the Shia Muslim mosque in Copenhagen.

For Majdid, this does not conflict with being a full member of Danish society.

Read Majdid's story


Jun FengJun Feng was born in Shanghai, China, in 1965. He was forced to leave the country in 1989 and came to Denmark as a political refugee in 1992. In China, he was a well-known underground poet.

Today Jun has a Danish degree in philosophy, and makes a living as a writer and translator.

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Wassim HallalWassim Hallal was born in Lebanon in 1980 and came to Denmark at the age of four together with his family. He grew up in a small village, where he and his family were the only foreigners.

Wassim has become a very successful chef and in 2007, he opened his own restaurant, Restaurant WH, in Aarhus.
Read Wassim's story


undefinedAhmed Jihad Hamada was born in Algeria and came to Denmark as a refugee at the age of five with his family in 1990. He is a medical student at the University of Copenhagen.

Ahmed believes firmly in a pragmatic approach to religion.

Read Ahmed's story

Photos by Tine Harden    

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