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The Invisible Success - ethnic minority women


The Invisible Success is a series of portraits of ethnic minority women living in Denmark. The portraits tell the unique and very personal stories of women who have left their own countries behind. The stories focus on the dreams, ambitions and successes. But also on the difficulties in finding your place and identity in a country like Denmark where prejudice and stereotyped views on ethnic minorities may become a barrier.

The Invisible Success consists of 30 portraits. All About Gender presents six of them here.


undefinedAsmaa Abdol-Hamid came to Denmark in 1987 with her family as a Palestinian refugees. Today she is a deputy MP, and as a practising Muslim woman, she defends her right to speak in Parliament wearing a headscarf.

Read Asmaa's story

New Men in Denmark

Read also the personal stories of ethnic minority men living in Denmark: New Men in Denmark


undefinedRosa Grinberg was born in Poland in 1951. As a Polish Jew, she was granted political asylum in Denmark in 1972. Rosa became a qualified medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen in 1981. She has met prejudice and believes that knowledge of history is necessary in order to not to repeat the same mistakes. 

Read Rosa's story 


undefinedGüzel Turan was born in Konya, Turkey, in 1974 and moved to Denmark in 1979. She was the first in her family to take an academic degree. Today she works with integration and equality. She likes to challenge people's prejudices about ethnic minorities and believes that integration is a mutual responsiblility.

Read Güzel's story


undefinedRoda Ahmed was born in Somalia. Her dream was to study medicine, but instead she had to flee her home country at the outbreak of civil war. She met her husband in a refugee camp in Ethiopian. She came to Denmark in 1994. Today Roda Ahmed is a fully trained caterer, but so far she has not been succesful in getting a job.

Read Roda's story


undefinedAzam Javadi was born in Iran and came to Denmark in 1986 as a political refugee. She considers herself a global citizen, and feels she belongs in Denmark. Her heart is in politics and one day, she would like to be the next Minister of Equal Opportunities.

Read Azam's story


undefinedYildiz Akdogan was born in Turkey in 1973 and joined her parents in Denmark in 1979. She has a degree in political science, and since her university days, she has worked politically with integration and women's issues. She is now an MP for the Social Democrats, elected in the 2005 general election.

Read Yildiz story


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