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Theme: Mentoring


The use of mentors is becoming increasingly common. Once a method used only by private corporations, mentor programmes can today be found in every sector.

With this mentoring theme, KVINFO sets its focus on mentoring and showcases the work which is undertaken by both mentors and mentees within the KVINFO Mentor Network each and every day.



Networks and networking

KVINFO’s Mentor Network is a great Danish success story. From day one, the Mentor Network attracted many participants and was quick to receive official recognition. Today, seven years later, the network can be found in five Danish cities.

KVINFO’s Mentor Network – a growing nationwide network


undefinedA good match

Since the beginning of 2003, more than 2000 individual mentoring programmes have been initiated. Each individual mentoring programme is tailored around the mentee's dreams and wishes for her future life in Denmark. And because each programme is customised to the mentee’s individual situation, a good match can take a variety of forms.

A good match


Mentoring – a tool for integration

Not only is KVINFO’s Mentor Network possibly the largest of its kind in the world, but it’s also one of the most successful integration projects in Denmark.

KVINFO director Elisabeth Møller Jensen writes about the challenges of the Mentor Network and tells of the visionary project that it today has become.

Mobilising the general public
Integration – aspiration and threat

Feature article:

undefinedMentoring – voluntary work with a modern twist

“The thing that’s so good about the network is that being a mentor is like being given a gift. You get to meet a person who you otherwise would never have got to know”, says Anne, who is mentor for Iranian Sherin in KVINFO’s Mentor Network.

It is not only the foreign women who gain from the relationships set up through the network – the Danish women who volunteer gain also. But what kind of ‘gift’ is it that you get exactly? And how do voluntary partnerships work in today’s modern and individualistic society?

Volunteerism, modern mentoring and a sense of making a difference

Models and values:

What is mentoring?

KVINFO’s program for immigrant and refugee women in Denmark has helped to start a new trend in mentoring and networking. This article examines standard, well known mentoring models and shows what happens when feminist values are incorporated into the equation.

What is mentoring?

International conference:

KVINFO’s mentoring conference

KVINFO plays host to an international conference titled Mentoring & Networking - Women building trust & social capital in our cities. Read more about the conference here.

KVINFO’s conference

Case stories:

Mentor programmes – a multiplicity of stories

undefinedThe relationship between a mentor and a mentee is unique and can develop in a wealth of different directions according to the mentees wishes, dreams and needs. Read three different stories about three very different mentor programmes.

Casting off prejudices
Concise, concrete and constructive – when a mentor programme is brief and focused
My mentor is my first Danish friend


Defining a minority:

Power asymmetry between minority and majority

This article presents some key definitions of the concept of ‘minority’ useful when discussing majority/minority relationships.

Power asymmetry between minority and majority

Experts in mentoring:

Do you need an expert?

undefinedKVINFO has gathered a list of mentoring experts, including specialists in the field of mentoring research and professionals from the world of corporate business.

Meet the experts

Read more:


KVINFO has hand selected a choice of books and reports all on the topic of mentoring. See a complete list (including many brand-new titles) here.

Mentoring literature



KVINFO's Mentor Network
In 2003, KVINFO established its award-winning mentor network. This network provides mentoring support to ethnic minority and refugee women helping them to open doors into Danish society.

Today, 5000 participants have passed through the network, 2000 mentor programmes have been initiated, and one in four of the mentees has entered into employment.

About the Mentor Network


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