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KVINFO is the Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Ethnicity. The key role of KVINFO is to initiate research and disseminate information and findings, and to contribute to the development of an equal society.
Communication and documentation
Through its work, KVINFO ensures the documentation and communication of knowledge about gender, equality and ethnicity – both in Denmark and around the world.

In Denmark, KVINFO provides the following:

  • KVINFO’s library – A nationwide research library located in Copenhagen. This public-service library offers its services to all - from school groups and researchers to journalists and public institutions.
  • – This website provides all interested the latest knowledge and topical debate in the areas of gender, equality and ethnicity.
  • FORUM web magazine for gender and culture – This web magazine brings contemporary gender-focused articles about research, culture, politics and global conditions.
  • ‘Kvindekilder’ - Documentation of the history of women in Denmark through topical articles of over 100 years of the history of women and equality in Denmark; Dansk ‘Kvindebiografisk Leksikon’, which is an encyclopaedia of the biographies of Denmark’s most important women; and ‘Tidsskrifter 1885-1920’, which provides a digitalised record of the Danish women’s movement.
  • The Invisible Success and New Men in Denmark, which are web-based projects focusing on integration. Here, women and men with refugee or immigrant backgrounds relate personal accounts of their life in Denmark.

In the international arena, KVINFO’s activities include: 

  • Accumulating and sharing knowledge and information about mentor programmes for women with ethnic backgrounds – for example, at the 2009 international Mentoring & Networking conference.
  • – this website (in Arabic, English and Danish) is a platform for dialogue and debate about gender and women’s rights in Denmark and the Middle East.
  • All About Gender in Denmark – English-language articles, news and presentations of our ressources for an international audience interested in gender and equality in Denmark.
  • Providing support for the establishment of a library and document centre for gender and development at the University of Sana’a in Yemen.

Positive development towards an equal society
One of KVINFO’s main roles is to create initiatives and support projects aimed at developing tools and facilitating processes that promote equality – both nationally and internationally. Such projects and initiatives include:

  • KVINFO’s Middle East Department. This department has since 2006 co-ordinated, administrated and led a range of equality and women’s rights projects as part of the Danish Foreign Ministry’s Arab Initiative. Among other things, KVINFO establishes partnerships, initiates professional dialogues, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge between Danish and Arab women’s and human rights organisations, public sector institutions, universities and private corporations.
  • The Mentor Network. Since 2002, the Mentor Network has been pairing up refugee and immigrant women with women who are active in the Danish labour market. To date, more than 3,500 women have participated in the programme, and with four offices based across Denmark, the network is reckoned to be the largest of its kind in the world. The programme has been awarded several prizes and has inspired similar initiatives both in Denmark and abroad.
  • The Expert Database. This database promotes and makes visible the knowledge, experience and expertise of Danish women, and with its over 1,000 profiles, it includes women from all areas of society. Together with its partners in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, KVINFO has also developed similar Arabic databases for women in these countries, launching them in 2010.
  • KVINFO advises on equality initiatives and processes in a wide range of areas – from recruitment strategies in educational institutions and social equality initiatives to promoting a better balance of gender representation in the media.
  • In addition to its documenting and informing role, KVINFO also produces memorandums for use in various political and public arenas, arranges and participates in hearings, and actuates other initiatives aimed at promoting equality. One example is KVINFO’s mentor programme for ethnic minority women in politics, which helped promote women’s participation in local government.

Organisation and financing
KVINFO is a self-governing institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture with its own board of management. A framework agreement between KVINFO and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media has stipulated the goals for KVINFO in the period 2009-2012 and established political conditions for achieving these goals.

KVINFO in brief:

  • KVINFO was founded as a self-governing institution in 1987
  • The director of KVINFO is Nina Groes
  • Head of KVINFO’s board is Dorthe Staunæs
  • KVINFO has approx. 30 employees
  • There are 5 departments
The 5 departments are:
  • The library
  • The Department for Gender and Ethnicity (Mentor network)
  • The Department for Middle East Activities
  • The Secretariat – including IT
  • Web & Communication

Since its foundation, KVINFO has received funding and support for a number of different projects from a range of foundations. KVINFO’s main benefactors and partners are:

  • The Danish Agency for Libraries and Media which provides KVINFO’s operational appropriation
  • The Danish Foreign Ministry, which through its Arab Initiative supports activities in KVINFO’s Department for Middle East Activities
  • The Danish Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, which supports the Mentor network
  • The Danish foundation ‘A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers fond for almene formaal’ supports the digitalisation of the History of Nordic Women’s Literature, together with the ’Riksbankens Jubilæumsfond’ foundation.
  • OAK Foundation Danmark has supported KVINFO’s international conference on mentoring and networking together with The Municipality of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Library.

Full funding details listing all beneficiaries and partners can be found in KVINFO’s annual report.


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